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Archive for March, 2011

Twitter: twitter.com www.facebook.com This video is based on : www.youtube.com Links (download) recovery clockwork: www.4shared.com Fastboot: www.4shared.com ROM! (find your own rom and download it from here) : android.modaco.com Instructions: Step 1: Extract FastBoot to your desktop. Step 2: Place the ‘recovery-clockwork-blade- file into your Fastboot folder’ Step 3: Move the fastboot folder into the root of your C drive Step4 : Turn off your phone and take out the battery for a few seconds. Replace the battery and turn your phone back on whilst holding the ‘Volume up’ button. Your phone should show a Green Android logo and then remain on that screen. Step 5: Plug your phone into your PC Step 6: Open up a command prompt as administrator (Select Start Menu, Run and then type ‘CMD’ and enter). Step 7: Type in C: 8: type in ‘cd c:/fastboot’ 9: type in ‘fastboot-windows flash recovery recovery-clockwork-blade-’ 10: Once that process shows as completed type ‘fastboot-windows reboot’ into cmd 11: Let your Phone reboot 12: Copy the file ‘update.zip’ across to the root of the SD card on your phone. If update.zip is not there then that means you have downloaded a new rom which requires full installation. therefore copy the whole zip file you downloaded into the root of your card. 13: Turn your phone off and remove the battery for a few seconds. Replace the battery and turn your phone back on whilst this time holding VOLUME DOWN’. Your phone will show the

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Posted on March/1/2011 | Categories: Videos 3 Comments

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