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RoboShields is an Advanced Screen Protector for ZTE Max. Each screen protector is custom designed to fit your ZTE Max and provides unmatched screen protection without changing the look and feel of your device. At RoboShields, we know not all ZTE Max screen protectors are not created equal. Our Shields line is made from the best materials available, providing high-quality scratch protection at an affordable price. We’re confident your ZTE Max will be well protected with our screen protector, cover, shield, guard, or film. Our screen protectors feature: http://roboshields.com/store/index.php?id_product=85&controller=product

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Sunday Tech Day #1 Boost Max+, Lg G Stylo, & more

Posted on February/28/2018 | Categories: Videos 6 Comments

All things tech

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Android 4.4
Remove Password
Android Recovery Menu

Hard Reset Boost ZTE Force

Remove Battery, Press and hold volume down and power.

Follow android recovery menu

All set!

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ZTE Boost Max by Boost Mobile Review

Posted on January/22/2018 | Categories: Videos 5 Comments

Honesty is the best policy

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