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ZTE Nubia N1: First Look | Hands on | Launch

Posted on September/16/2018 | Categories: Videos 11 Comments

Nubia N1 is a compelling budget smartphones with a 5,000mAh battery, but is it worth Here are our first impressions!

Nubia N1 price in india: Rs 11,999

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ZTE Libra Android Smartphone Hands On

Posted on September/4/2018 | Categories: Videos 8 Comments

A hands on video with the ZTE Libra Android smartphone.

For more infroamtion visit:

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ZTE Grand S Flex Hands on (DE)

Posted on August/30/2018 | Categories: Videos 6 Comments

http://www.areamobile.de | ZTE will mit dem Grand S Flex weiter Fuß auf dem deutschen Markt fassen und verkauft das Gerät mit LTE für nur 299 Euro. Warum das derzeit trotzdem nicht fruchtet – hier im Video.

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ZTE Axon – Hands On Review

Posted on August/10/2018 | Categories: Videos 3 Comments

ZTE doesn’t have the best brand identity in the U.S. – Those who know the Chinese smartphone maker probably associate the ZTE name with cheap, pre-paid phones. Of course, ZTE is more than that. It’s had a vibrant portfolio of fascinating, high-end devices with interesting tech inside for years (though its had a fair share of quality issues in the past). Now, ZTE wants to break into the U.S. in a big way with the Axon Phone.

With a gorgeous all-metal body, top-tier specs, and absurdly low price tag, the Axon phone aims to be a true contender against the Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G4, and iPhone 6. It certainly has the spec sheet and looks to be on that star-studded list, but only a full review will tell whether the Axon lives up to its potential.

We used the Axon phone briefly at the NYC launch event and came away impressed. Here’s our first take on the device. A full review will follow shortly.






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