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MetroPCS ZTE AVID 4 Hard Reset

Posted on March/7/2019 | Categories: Videos 0 Comment

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ZTE Blade Q Lux 4G Hard Reset :

Hard reset format OR Delete all your data like photos, contacts and apps in your android mobile. You will not recover your files after hard reset. So try recovery methods first. If you can not recover your PIN or Password, then follow this method.

* Turn off your phone.
* Next Press and Hold
Volume Up + Power button OR
Home button + Volume Up + Power button OR
Volume Down + Power button OR
Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button
* Until you will see Android reboot menu.
* Please try all above methods one by one.
* After that, select option : “wipe data / factory reset” using
Volume Down, and Power button to confirm operation.
* Nest, choose option “yes” with Volume Down, to select and
Power button to accept.
* Finally, press Power button to enter option “reboot system now”.
Success. Format OR Hard Reset done on your android mobile.

ZTE Blade Q Lux 4G Factory Reset :

To perform a factory data reset using the Settings menu, follow Below Simple steps:

* First , On your android mobile device, open the Settings menu.
* Under “Personal,” touch Backup & reset Option. You need to
enter your PIN, pattern, or password.
* If you can not see Backup & Reset, try to find Reset related
word in your settings.
* Then after, Under “Personal data,” touch Factory data reset.
* Next read the information on the screen and touch Reset phone
* If you have a screen lock, you will need to enter your PIN,
pattern, or password.
* Next, When prompted, touch Erase everything Option to erase
OR wipe OR format all data from your mobile device’s internal
* Finally, When your device has finished formatting, select the
option to reboot your device.

* You will see the Android Welcome screen just as you did when
you turned the Mobile phone / device on for the first time.

ZTE Blade Q Lux 4G Reset with Android Tools & drivers :

This method is very Easy to Hard reset or recover your mobile password. This method is only works on android mobile phones only. First you need a basic knowledge about software installation. Follow below steps to reset your phone.

First download Android tools and drivers to your computer from
below link.

Download Android tools & drivers From below

* Then install Drivers software manually to your pc.
* Software create a shortcut icon on your desktop.
* Click on that shortcut icon.
* If drivers will not create any shortcut, Open
Android_Tool_Drivers/Android Multi tool/Android Multi Tools
v1.02b gsmforum file from your downloaded file .
* Now you see pop-up on your computer. Click on run option.
* Now you see the Android tools and drivers command prompt.

Do below steps on your mobile :

Press and Hold

Volume down button + Power button or

Volume up button + Power button or

Volume down + Volume up + Power button For a while.

* You will see Android boot mode on your smart phone.
* Now connect your android mobile phone to your computer via
* Now you need to type any number to perform reset.
* Type 2 for reset face, type 4 for reset Gmail, type 5 for wipe data.
* No data will be delete if you choose 2, 3, 4 numbers.
* Above options clearly explained below.

Number 2 : You can reset your face or PIN lock. No data will be
Number 4 : you can reset your gmail account. Means your old
Mail deleted then new mail added to your mobile.
Number 5 : Wipe all your data on your mobile. Means all data will
be deleted.
Number 8 : If you see fast boot mode on your mobile when you press volume buttons, You need to enter number 8 to wipe all your data.

* Type any number that you want then press enter.
* Reset done on your android mobile.

About Our Website :

http://www.krishna99.com is the world’s biggest website for mobile hard reset, factory reset, forgot mobile password recovery methods and reset with android tools drivers etc.

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Hard reset ZTE Blade GF3 T320 ( ZTE Blade, ZTE GF3, ZTE T320 )
Factory Reset
Если вы поставили пароль графический ключ и забыли, то данная процедура вам поможет.
Если несколько раз ввели неправильно графический ключ, то данное видео вам тоже поможет.
Если на телефоне вирусы то тоже поможет.
Если приложения работают некорректно или перестали запускаться то тоже поможет.
Если висит на заставке ZTE то возможно тоже поможет (если нет, то надо прошивать).

На выключенном телефоне одновременно зажимаем 2 кнопки:
Кнопку Включения + Кнопку Громкости Вверх.

Ждем пока на экране появится заставка ZTE и отпускаем кнопки
Затем появится значок Android и для того,чтобы появилось сервисное меню надо нажать кнопку Громкости Вверх(либо кнопку Громкости Вниз)

В меню передвижение осуществляется кнопкой Громкости Вниз и кнопкой Громкости Вверх. Подтверждение выбора кнопкой Включения.
Передвигаемся с помощью кнопки Громкости Вниз на пункт “wipe data/factory reset” и нажимаем кнопку Включения, подтверждая выбор.

Затем появится еще одно меню,где надо кнопкой Громкости Вниз выбрать пункт “Yes – – delete all user data” и подтвердить кнопкой Включения.

Пойдет процесс сброса настроек и потом появится меню, где выбран пункт “reboot system now”, подтверждаем кнопкой Включения и телефон начнет перезагружаться.

Перезагрузка идет примерно 2 минуты(возможно дольше).

Затем телефон загрузится и надо будет сделать первоначальные настройки.

Все настройки сброшены на заводские,графический ключ сброшен.

Подпишитесь на наш канал чтобы быть в курсе обновлений 🙂

Hard reset ZTE Blade GF3 T320
Hard reset ZTE GF3
Hard reset ZTE T320

1. Turn off your cell phone.
2. Press and hold Power button + Volume Up button.
3. When you see ZTE logo release buttons,
4. You see Androin then press Volume Up (or Volume down) button to see Menu
5. In Factory reset menu use Volume Down button to select “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” option and press Power button to confirm the operation.
6. Use Volume Down button again to select “Yes delete all user data” and press Power button to confirm the operation.
7. After Hard Reset Use Volume Down button to select “reboot system now” option and press Power button.
8. Reboot 2-3 minutes
9. Setup personal settigs

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How to hard reset or factory reset on the ZTE Grand max 2

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