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Move Apps to sd card on a Maven 3

Posted on March/24/2019 | Categories: Videos 17 Comments

1. Launch the Settings app from the app drawer or the notifications shade.

2. Swipe all the way down and tap on ‘About phone.’
3. Scroll down in this menu as well and you should see an option called ‘Build number.’
4. Constantly tap on this option till you see a prompt on the display stating ‘You are now a developer.’
5. Now go back to the main Settings page and scroll all the way down once more.
6. You will see the new ‘Developer Options’ entry right on top of ‘About phone.’ Simply tap on it and start exploring what Google has packed in this time.
7.Enable “Force allow apps on external”

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Reset Your ZTE Maven 2 | AT&

Posted on March/3/2019 | Categories: Videos 3 Comments

Perform a soft, factory, and alternate master reset of the device. Learn more at: http://soc.att.com/2avaeFy

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Reset Your ZTE Maven 2 | AT&T

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