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Pink Orange Vegas Review (ZTE X760)

Posted on September/17/2010 | Categories: Videos 20 Comments

Hiya! This is my quick little review of the Orange Vegas just before I took it back. I HAVE TAKEN IT BACK FOR GOOD NOW!! GOT THE PINK LG COOKIE. I think this mobile is lovely but there are things that need sorting out before I would be fully happy with it. Some things I mention, like the unlock message, isnt really a problem and Im sure Ill get over them if the big issues are sorted. I’ve got my 2nd Vegas now and it still hasn’t got an outbox!! It hasn’t turned off yet which is good and it don’t turn off when I put it down like the last one did. My lovely helper in the phones 4 u shop that I keep bothering about this mobile couldn’t help me with the voicemail thing. (Oh yes I meant to say ‘listen too’ not ‘read’ in the video! I kept getting my words mixed up but Im sure you knew what I was on about. I said you have to delete your photo message outbox but I meant inbox. You get what Im trying to say Im sure). He said a rep for the mobile or something had been in an said there was an update for it. We looked for it and couldn’t find it. But I doubt an outbox would be an update. It says in the little book thing that there is an outbox. Maybe this phones 4 u has a dodgy batch? I remember somebody asking somewhere about putting your own music on as a ringtone. It took me a little while to figure out how to do this but you just press down on the wheel and edit the profile you use. You can’t change the message tone but you can’t do this on all mobiles anyway. Erm I can’t

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Orange San Francisco Unlock HD

Posted on August/19/2010 | Categories: Videos 23 Comments

Orange San Francisco Unlock video. Visit blade.modaco.com for more info!

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Orange San Francisco/ ZTE Blade Review

Posted on August/17/2010 | Categories: Videos 13 Comments

I’ve had this phone for a little while and I thought I’d review it

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Re: Pink Orange Vegas Review (ZTE X760)

Posted on August/8/2010 | Categories: Videos 2 Comments

Video Cam Direct Upload

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