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ZTE Avid Plus Drop Test

Posted on September/9/2017 | Categories: Videos 0 Comment

It just wont crack

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Como Desbloquear un ZTE Blade L2 Plus

Posted on September/5/2017 | Categories: Videos 2 Comments

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Asus Zenfone 3S Max Unboxing & Overview this entry level smartphone comes with 5000 mAh battery it has a 5.2″ 720p screen is powered by a Mediatek Octa Core processors has 3 GB RAM and I do the Unboxing and give you an overview.

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ZTE Blade A2 Plus Review is being processed, but here’s a preview hands on and unboxing of the phone. ZTE has recently launched the ZTE Blade 2 with 5000mAH battery and a couple of extra features which we’ll reveal in this clip!

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A little surprise offering from HTC. The new HTC 10 Evo. Here’s our hands on review on the new android handset from HTC.

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Nuevo ZTE Blade V7 Plus

Posted on August/9/2017 | Categories: Videos 2 Comments

ZTE ha presentado un nuevo smartphone Android, el ZTE Blade V7 Plus, con características de gama de entrada.

Síguenos y háblanos, no somos robots, aunque tengamos alma androide 😉

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