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ZTE Grand S Review

Posted on April/21/2019 | Categories: Videos 0 Comment

ZTE Grand S Oweview;1080p, Quad-Core, 13MP, 6.9mm, S4 Pro 1.5GHz, 2GB RAM, CES 2013.

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Zte Valet Flash Review

Posted on April/18/2019 | Categories: Videos 0 Comment

via YouTube Capture

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Here is my full review of the newly released ZTE ZMax Pro, and I’m calling it the 2016 Phone of the YEAR! More videos below on the device.

Fingerprint enhancements

eBay unlock code explained

VS Oneplus 3, Axon 7, Moto Z

Adoptable Storage

HTC Sense 8 Launcher

eBay unlock code

VS Moto G4 and Galaxy J7

Unicorn beetle case

After the hype

1080p 60fps demo

Front and rear cameras


Live stream discussion

#ZTE #ZTEMAXPRO #REVIEW #BEASTMODE #MotoG4 #MotoZ #GalaxyJ7 #Oneplus3 #Axon7 #LGK10

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