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Largest and most trusted Unlocking website on the planet!!

We unlock models from every Carrier and Country in the world. Doesn’t matter where you live or what network the phone is locked to, we can help you unlock it!

This video tutorial will show you ~~

1. How to unlock your cell phone
2. The great benefits
3. Some of the main FAQ’s
4. Steps to take next

The whole process is easy, only takes a few minutes, and requires zero technical knowledge. By the time you’re finished, you will be able to use your phone on any carrier in the world! Simply enter the sim card of your choice into your phone and it will immediately pick up signal.

So, let’s get started!

(also shown in video above)

First, retrieve your phones 15 or 17 digit “IMEI” by simply typing *#06# into your phones dial-pad.


Head over to TheUnlockingCompany.com and enter your phones:


This information will be forwarded to the original manufacture of your phone, and sent back to us. We will than email you the unlock code and easy unlocking instructions.


Power on your cell phone with a non accepted sim card, once the phone is booted, it will recognize the foreign sim card and immediately prompt you to enter the unlock code. Type in the unlock code, double check it’s entered correctly, and press send, a message will pop up indicating the code was accepted…

And now your phone is 100% Fully Unlocked!!!

You can now use your cell phone on any carrier you like. Unlocking is that easy!

If you have any questions please let us know.

We hope to hear from you soon!!



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If the screen is locked with passcode, pattern or google, this video intends to show how to wipe those accounts using external keys or buttons. This process will restore the phone to the factory value (factory Reset)

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Disassemble Tutorial for ZTE Obsidian Z820 T-Mobile

Posted on December/30/2017 | Categories: Videos 9 Comments

This video: how to disassemble ZTE Obsidian Z820 carefully, using the proper screw driver T6 and a flat end screwdriver. You may also look for how to open a ZTE Obsidian phone and replace any parts of it.
This is a guide to remove the motherboard, a guide to remove camera, a guide to remove the microphone, a guide to remove the vibrator or wifi antenna.
Disclaimer: This Channel is not responsible for any damage caused to the phone while working on it.Si we suggest to use the proper tools and safety glasses.

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My T-Mobile ZTE Obsidian 4GLTE Phone Review Part 1.

Posted on September/30/2017 | Categories: Videos 1 Comment

I brought the T-Mobile ZTE Obsidian Phone for .00 plus .00 last Friday at Walgreens So Far the phone has works very well for me when it comes to video and picture quality its a good Android 4GLTE Device overall.

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