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Spec’s review for the ZTE Grand X4
Cricket Wireless exclusive smartphone

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Learn how to set up a personal hotspot and share the data connection on a ZTE Maven 3. Learn more at: http://yt.att.com/bf2867d1

El video contiene subtítulos en español

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How to Set Up Wi-Fi & Mobile Hotspot on Your ZTE Maven 3 | AT&T Wireless

Wi-Fi & Mobile Hotspot: Turn Wi-Fi On & Off.
From the Home screen, swipe down from the notification bar, select the Wi-Fi icon to quickly turn it on or off.
To optimize battery life, turn Wi-Fi off when not in use.
Connect to a Wi-Fi Network.
From the Home screen, swipe down from the notification bar, select and hold the Wi-Fi icon, select the Wi-Fi switch to turn it on.
Select the desired network.
If necessary, enter the network password, select “Connect”.
To connect to a hidden Wi-Fi network, scroll to and select “Add network”.
You will need to enter the network SSID, security type and password if necessary to continue.
Select “Save”.
When a device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, the Wi-Fi icon will display in the notification bar.
Data transmitted over a Wi-Fi network does not count towards your AT&T data plan and will not be billed.
To forget a network, select and hold the desired network, then select “Forget network”.
To access Wi-Fi settings, from the Wi-Fi screen, select the Menu icon, select “Advanced”, edit the settings as desired.
Create a Mobile Hotspot.
Use your AT&T device as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot to share your data connection with Wi-Fi capable devices such as other smartphones, tablets, netbooks, MPplayers and more, requires eligible data plan or mobile share.
From the Home screen, swipe down from the notification bar and select the Settings icon.
Scroll to and select “Mobile Hotspot”.
Select the “Mobile Hotspot” switch.
If Wi-Fi is enabled, you will be prompted to turn it off in order to continue.
Select “OK”.
To set up and manage your mobile hotspot, select “Configure”.
Edit the settings as desired, then select “Save”.
To view connected devices, select “Manage Users”.
The connect devices will be displayed.
To turn mobile hotspot off, from the mobile hotspot screen, select the “Mobile Hotspot” switch.

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ZTE Score from Cricket Wireless

Posted on October/25/2018 | Categories: Videos 1 Comment

This is a phone review of the ZTE Score from Cricket Wireless. The ZTE Score is also available on MetroPCS.

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ZTE Grand X 4 Highlights | Cricket Wireless

Posted on October/10/2018 | Categories: Videos 0 Comment

The ZTE Grand X 4 helps you do everything you need from a smartphone. It keeps up with you when you are on the go, with a fast quad-core processor, 4G LTE speeds and a large battery with quick charging technology. Its big, bright 5.5″ HD screen and Dolby Audio™ makes consuming, reading and watching entertainment and media more enjoyable. It helps you take amazing photos with advanced photography settings. It keeps you in touch with your health, with a heart rate monitor and an app that helps you track your steps, your meals, and more. And, if that weren’t enough, its fingerprint sensor knows you by touch and keeps all your information safe. Now that’s a BFF!

Learn more: https://www.cricketwireless.com/cell-phones/smartphones/zte-grand-x4.html

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