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18 Responses so far.

  1. Dipen Goyal says:

    Should i get the ZTE Grand X Plus or samsung grand prime. Btw i'm getting both for $0 with my carrier.

  2. Ollie Clark says:

    Its funny wrench spark

  3. kn tam says:

    Care to share link where to get a phone case? Also looking! Thanks!

  4. Shelley Jackett says:

    I like it and am happy with it :D

  5. Austin Dean says:

    What's up, guys. Beautiful! threatening enter What's your opinion about that, guys 1!

  6. Slotch says:

    I luv this phone

  7. Joseph J says:

    Dmitri, it's apparent that ZTE listened to you as they have released the ZTE Grand X 2 which has 16GB of storage, 2480 mAH battery and Android 5.1. The cost is $149.99 CDN.

  8. sahil khaleque says:

    I NEED A CASE !!!!!! 

  9. Chaotic Fung Shui says:

    Crap is the same all around the world, cow poop smells just as bad a dog poop.

  10. sahil khaleque says:

    This is a great phone, but where can i find a case?

  11. lullanie says:

    "Put a case on it". Good advice if they actually existed. Looked on Ebay and Amazon as well as with my service provider and it is simply impossible to find a standard case for this phone.

  12. SournessKeys says:

    I just got this phone two days ago after breaking my HTC Desire 601. I'm very happy with it. It's fast, the resolution is good, and not much important glitchy weird things have happened since I got it. However I do like my old phone better, but maybe I just need to get used to this one. The only things I don't like is the storage space, the gallery not being able to move your pictures around and adding/renaming albums… and finding a case is extremely difficult, also the speaker/sound quality isn't something to be excited about. Overall I do. recommend it. very good phone for its price. 

  13. Jose Nieto says:

    Designed in Canada xD what a joke this is a horrible design bad way to represent Canada

  14. M1R00TJ3 says:

    asus zenfone 2 is probably going to be $200 aswell and the processor is better than the snapdragon 801/805 so…..

  15. mayatk1 says:

    ZTE means no privacy

  16. TickleMeShlomo says:


  17. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe says:

    Me myself i have a ZTE and i hate it!

  18. Bsnt Adinfo says:

    Nice to see that it is designed in Canada, but I agree would be great if it was more innovative.  It looks like a great budget phone, I appreciate the expandable microSD card slot.