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Use it like a camera phone, you can get 7-9 days out of the battery. Play Angry Brids all day, battery will last 1-2 days. Official spec: 1250mAh Battery, 165hrs/6.9days Standby, 240min/4hrs Talk Time. To help battery life I turn off Wifi, GPS, BlueTooth, Sync and set screen brightness to low using “Android Widget – Power Control”. Also I close background tasks with “Task Manager – Menu – Kill All”. I have “Auto Updates and Update Service” set to off. All standard under Android 2.1-update1. I HATE CHARGING! 😀

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3 Responses so far.

  1. harryFIT says:

    @Ihatefemme5 dont u see he wrote why is it upside down?

  2. sang3Eta says:

    Stupid iPhone I don’t know how to fix it and owner of the iPhone is not around to film it again. Maybe it will make it to 10 days or maybe it will die before they get back ooh the tension ;D

  3. Ihatefemme5 says:

    Its upside down you idiot