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There are many dope budget Android smartphones out in the market at a insane value. Make sure to subscribe to see the full review of the ZTE Blade X Max!

Buy it here – http://mycrk.it/2uAKIGC

My MAIN CAMERA – http://geni.us/BEx0Za
The GOD LENS – http://geni.us/G2SErx
The Most CRISPY LENS EVER – http://geni.us/r0oBU
The YouTuber LENS – http://geni.us/p5eWO
I AM BROKE LENS – http://geni.us/LQOBjtW
The BEST Microphone – http://geni.us/FvPe
My Travel Mic – http://geni.us/jE89Nnm
My Memory Card – http://geni.us/N6H0
The TRIPOD where the Camera sits – http://geni.us/PWVHoh
The tiny monitor for the Camera – http://geni.us/Qz4PU
BEST MONOPOD! – http://geni.us/FhdDm

Snapchat (I POST BEHIND THE SCENES HERE) http://geni.us/y7n95
Twitter (INTRACT WITH ME ) http://geni.us/xLSh
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“This video was sponsored by Cricket Wireless. All thoughts, opinions and comments are my own.”

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10 Responses so far.

  1. Joey Delgado says:

    similar to what I'm currently rocking, the ZTE ZMAX PRO! x) Nice vid dude!

  2. Dawnelle Wyman says:

    Can you do a video on tips and tricks for the blade x max thank you

  3. ZAIN TECH says:

    brolls are 🔥

  4. Armando Ferreira says:

    damn whoever shot this is 🔥🔥

  5. Mauricio Roldan says:

    I have this phone and im just going say ive had it for a week now and its amazing for its price point.

  6. LaShun says:

    meh its alriiiight lol

  7. Rakesh Botadkar Saiman Bobbypins says:

    Can't wait for the full review bro! ☺ ☺

  8. Anibit says:

    Cricket use to be crap but now they use ATT network I use them as a hotspot I burn through like 150gb a month lol all for 60 bucks

  9. Tech4YourNeeds says:

    USB C, Fingerprint scanner on a budget phone is a win in my eyes.

  10. Tech Extract says: