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A Look At The MetroPCS LG Optimus M

Posted on June/19/2011 | Categories: Videos 16 Comments

A quick video to show some of the features of the new LG Optimus M smartphone from MetroPCS. This video does not contain any technical specs for the phone, they can be found here: www.lg.com Also this is not an unboxing video, we all know what a box looks like and nobody wants to watch me rifle through manuals and plastic bags. The phone came with the following in the box: – The phone, battery and back cover – A 2GB MicroSD memory card, already installed – Wall charger and USB cable – Operator’s Manual – Various MetroPCS Promotional Information Any Questions? Feel free to ask below!

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16 Responses so far.

  1. zerouniversaldrift says:

    @shina603 anafg7 is correct, the phone is 3G capable but MetroPCS doesn’t currently have a true 3G service, although 1x is technically considered to be a 3G technology.

  2. zerouniversaldrift says:

    @Phillyy77 You’re welcome.

  3. zerouniversaldrift says:

    @DestructionOutlawz Not regular earphones, but they do make earphones with a built in mic.

  4. Phillyy77 says:

    Thank you this video is very helpfull ! I am buying this

  5. DestructionOutlawz says:

    well any of the ear phones work for it as a mic? like a regular ear phones for like a ipod.. can people hear me through the phone if im using just a regular ear phone?

  6. anafg7 says:

    @shina603 NOOO it really isnt. its 3g capable but metro doesnt offer 3g. So it makes it 2g = 1x

  7. shina603 says:

    is this a 3G phone?

  8. one8apc1 says:

    @zerouniversaldrift Oh, ok. Thanks alot. I didn’t know that. Now, I’ll make sure of that. Thanks alot. I will.

  9. zerouniversaldrift says:

    @one8apc1 Yeah that’s a real good deal.Just a word of advice, have your friend meet you at your nearest Metro Corp store so they can verify that he’s selling the phone to you. Some people have had issues activating phones they’ve bought if the phone wasn’t removed correctly from the original account. This way Metro can confirm with the original account holder and things will go more smoothly. Enjoy your new phone, and I’m glad my videos helped.

  10. one8apc1 says:

    Thanks for the review man! You show great reviews! I’m getting this phone on Friday. Please, tell me I’m making a good choice.. lol.. A pal is selling it to me for $100. Think that’s a fair deal for this piece of technology?

  11. zerouniversaldrift says:

    @doberman1310 You might want to get in touch with MetroPCS if you’re having issues with your battery, I don’t work for them.

  12. doberman1310 says:

    Yeaahh i like tha fone but battery runs out no matter what fucking metro u need to work harder on ur fones

  13. True2TheBlueYoViGang says:

    but i want one now with 720p cam flash mirror and front camera for video calls andriod system or iPhone would b nice and a qwerty keyboard and a fatass battery that will last me 3days without charging so i can watch plenty of mobile porn at work lol. why must i wait for this? so unfiar :'(

  14. zerouniversaldrift says:

    @True2TheBlueYoViGang If they made a 4G version of this phone I’d be happy. As far as the battery life and slow roll out of 4G phones, that’s not entirely Metro’s fault, the battery issue isn’t their fault at all actually. If you look at any 4G LTE phone (verizon has a few) they all have battery issues and it’s due to the way the LTE chips are made, those issues should be resolved once VOLTE is ready to go. These are the same reasons 4G phones are being released slowly. Patience.

  15. True2TheBlueYoViGang says:

    damn why cant this be 4G lol? i dnt want the samsung phone it has shit battery. Come on… wtf is wrong weith metro. I dont want to wait anymore (new phones are comming out soon). I hope newer phones feature flash andriod hd video recoding. Fuck.. why is metro always 10yrs behind? They come out with 4G first but offer us bricks for phones… wtf was the point of the service if the phones die on it in 1hr? :/

  16. 9Skateboard7 says:

    ujst got it today love it very fast web surfing