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Pre-ordering soon! Available in Pink, Green, Translucent & Smoke Grey. Please spread the news.

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9 Responses so far.

  1. leroyworld says:

    kitty dog ahahha

  2. AUsohogopher says:

    @ProEvoFan77 You have my words: it will be much cheaper than the Nillkin
    case and we’ve resolved the postal issue by directly shipping via RoyalMail
    within UK and neighbouring European countries. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Marta Tenés says:

    i have this case and it’s so good! I recommend it for your zte guys!

  4. shin shinigami says:

    hello kitty <3

  5. BlizZ88 says:

    which is the color of the video? :S

  6. Marta Tenés says:

    @Kinolog23 its sounds very Danny Elfman

  7. Nafedzius says:

    Hey guys! Just wondering that does this case help protect the screen too?
    So, if the phone falls flat on the ground, will the screen touch the ground
    too? Thanks and PLEASE answer! Cool

  8. conradwu says:

    @Nafedzius I think it does some form of protection if you flip the mobile
    over, but a big no no if you drop it on the ground.

  9. isti82 says:

    the best looking Blade case I’ve found so far! Could you please tell me the
    title of the background music?