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If your Digicel DL1000 or similar Android phone or tablet with non-removable battery won’t power up and does not charge or show charging animation this is how you fix it. It may seem like the phone is dead but its not. When it plugged in the charge LED my show but nothing on screen.

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17 Responses so far.

  1. Mohammed Sakkarai says:

    Not light coming

  2. Kimpee Ontong says:


  3. ryan yvci says:

    help me ,lenovo k4note charge ok,but mobile phone off, and mobile on no charge help me solution

  4. danielle Anderson says:

    if this doesnt work for you put your battery in the freezer for abut 5-10 mins and put it back in that should work

  5. Lenel Angeli says:

    hello sir can you help me with my note1 it wont turn on and charging logo wont pop up, can you help me please, i tried to press the vol + home botton and the power botton simultaneusly but nthing happen. i tried a lot of sulotion but non of them works, please help. thank you

  6. Damien Reed says:

    Lol So i have an LG K7 and the battery wasnt charging… What i did was put a dent (As in hit it a couple of times) in my battery and it started charging… Even at a faster rate.. Lol my phone takes 5v 2 amps

  7. Dave Roopchan says:

    Don't tell me this is a trinidadian

  8. Z NATION says:

    It's an Alcatel

  9. The Nimble Navigator says:

    Mine won't charge and stuck on charge mode. I'm gonna smash it on the fuckiing ground

  10. Metu Metu says:

    amr Android phone a charge otometic ses hoi jai new phone kinesi.tdin boyos phone er..otometic charge ses na howar upai somporke janale valo hoto

  11. Kyle Hewitt says:

    I know where the + and – go but the phone just comes on for about 3 seconds and then goes off

  12. Kyle Hewitt says:

    Sup man good work…..I have a DL 1000 from digicel but the battery terminals are broken off can I wire a blue battery with 3 pins(+,- and the center pin) what are the white and yellow wires on the battery connected for?

  13. Vauchauna Moore says:

    I have a note 4 I tested it and there's no shock inside the battery would this method work if I do it plz let me know asap

  14. Rochelle Thompson says:

    Thank you SOOOOOO much! This video was a great help!!

  15. Alex says:

    Bro i have Alcatel One Touch x'pop and it won't turn on what i need to do to fix it The Proablem is from Battery?

  16. Chris Johnson says:

    It will work on huawei

  17. shahed sarker says:

    panite porce ekhon r phone on hoina