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Screen mirroring without root, with out any devices like Chromecast or Miracast.

Just a TV with screen mirroring option and a Android mobile with Wireless Display option.

In android phone goto settings then display. Select cast screen. In this screen you will see the devices which are available for mirroring. You have to enable “Enable Wireless Displays.

It works on the concept of WiFi Direct.
You need to setup wifi direct on TV. and connect your mobile on to this wifi. So you will loose the any ohter wifi connection once to connect to screen mirroring. You have to rely on mobile data

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11 Responses so far.

  1. Jose Castaneda says:

    I have vizio

  2. Shrikant Mane says:

    not my Samsung j5 praim canect In Panasonic smart tv

  3. Sripati ranjan Samajpati says:


  4. Domenic Palacio says:

    The cast setting in my LG 10 where can i find it?

  5. roberta mouser says:

    Asking for WiFi is a pain in the ads
    Why can't we have it free.greech the money go in your pockets

  6. Dan Salinas says:

    Do you need wifi to screen mirror using chromecast or is there a way to do it?

  7. Gabriel Romero says:

    Will this work on a samsung tv

  8. Harneet singh says:

    Hindi ma bol la

  9. Shara Mariyam says:

    Why smart TV

  10. Panasyu Kumar says:

    But my phone settings had not cast screen or screen mirroring

  11. Panasyu Kumar says:

    But my phone settings had not cast screen or screen mirroring