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Asphalt 5, the best racing game on Android, is now runing on the Zte Balde. It´s a great game with a fantastic graphic. ————————————-…

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19 Responses so far.

  1. Cyburn2005 says:

    hows the battery life when you play this game?

  2. Markdroyd says:

    @Avonovy I use FLB-Froyo G2. ;D

  3. kommenttiwade says:

    How come my blade cant runit so smooth as urs? i have 2.2 and no background
    apps. Btw… GT Racing motor academy FTW =D

  4. samipakiboi says:

    is it running on stock orange rom, or have you rooted it and used a
    different rom?

  5. AutofanTSI says:

    Hej. Lief es auch auf 2.1 gut? Oder ist es wegen dem ROM? Und woher hast du
    die SD Daten? Ausm Netz oder vom Handy aus geladen?

  6. Markdroyd says:

    @kakaPi3 I don`t no..but..are you sure speedx3D and aspahlt are running on
    the phone memory ?

  7. Ashley Margrove says:

    @Markdroyd Hey buddy, Im just installing Asphalt 5 on my ZTE Blade… If it
    doesnt work can you please link me to your Rom your using?

  8. Markdroyd says:

    @Psyphox OLED!

  9. Markdroyd says:

    @Avonovy yes ;D


    dude are u using cm n ovrclockd or is it wrkn normaly

  11. mati94100 says:

    256 RAM or 512 ?

  12. Markdroyd says:

    @ferrari0469 Schaue dir dazu vlt mein anderes Video an. Habe dir zusätzlich
    noch eine Anleitung geschickt.

  13. Markdroyd says:

    I´ve rooted it ;D

  14. Markdroyd says:

    @mati94100 512 RAM

  15. Lee Sin says:

    The file you requested has been removed from MediaFire for a violation of
    our Terms of Service. Still have questions or do you think we’ve made an
    mistake? Check our knowledge base for more information or contact us about
    it. how can I download it ? :c

  16. Markus Enqvist says:

    @MrAlexandros99 sorry bro… cyanogenmod 7.1.0 (android 2.3.7) FTW!

  17. Markdroyd says:

    @kommenttiwade hmm. maybe you´re playing it with app2sd ==> you have to
    swith to Phone memory ;D

  18. Psyphox says:

    hallo hasst du noch ein OLED bildschirm oder nur ein tft??

  19. Markdroyd says:

    @Albarare 1. Ja, es hat Multitouch 2. schnell ist relativ ;D (was verstehst
    du genau unter schnell? ) =D