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Axon Phone Unboxing & Mini Review!

Posted on July/4/2017 | Categories: Videos 12 Comments

ZTE Axon Pro Unboxing, hands on, Impressions, mini review – Axon Pro full review is on the way! Based on impressions, camera samples, software, hardware, & specifications here is a mini review to tide you over. What do you want in the ZTE Axon review? ▶Axon specs & more info: http://mcmx.in/1T3FNqZ

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Provided by ZTE.

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12 Responses so far.

  1. Sirus Valencia says:

    There's also a lower-end version with a SD801. It costs $250 on their website or $200 on Amazon.

  2. Terry Blanc says:

    never did that review bro

  3. Gino Guillermo says:

    Compared to a G4, a Moto G, Nexus which one has a faster/better camera, better battery life, better gaming, louder speaker sound, better performance?

  4. EastTheBlazer says:

    If it only had dual front facing speakers and expandable storage.

  5. EastTheBlazer says:

    If it only had dual front facing speakers and expandable storage 0.

  6. Milton Hernandez says:

    This would be the phone for me. I use my phone for music an watching videos with my headphones. great price point as well.

  7. BenTheKarateBoy says:

    Nice video

  8. Missy L. says:

    2:01 lmfao

  9. Ben Rafter says:

    Great effort ZTE, but I think this phone was released at the wrong time as the moto x style is similar in terms of specs and cheaper. Maybe next time, ZTE.

  10. Víctor Núñez says:

    Hey Dom, could you tell me where did you get the milanese loop band you're rocking in the video?

  11. Jareds tC says:

    Pretty dope phone

  12. William Williams says:

    unsubscribed because I didn't win the giveaway