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Best Chinese Smartphones Comparison – OnePlus 2 vs Letv Le 1 Pro vs ZTE Axon vs Meizu MX5. A MUST SEE VIDEO FOR ANY SMARTPHONE OR TECH FAN!

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OnePlus 2 vs. Letv Le 1 Pro vs. ZTE Axon Elite vs. Meizu MX5: CONCLUSIONS

We have finally come to the conclusions and you may ask what’s the best phone out of the pack. Well, it’s not that easy to answer as all offerings are great bangs for the buck but I will try to rank them according to my personal preferences.

I really care about the camera, the battery life and the fact that the phone has a great software designed for international users. Thus, I am choosing the OnePlus 2.

The second option would be the Letv Le 1 Pro and that is mainly due to the all-metal design and fantastic build quality, good camera and probably the best-in-class audio quality via earphones. Also, due to the recent price drops, the Le 1 Pro is just an absolute steal.

The third place goes to the ZTE Axon as it is also a very well designed phone with mainly metal materials, although those fake leather stitchings may look more appealing for female users.

Finally, I love the Meizu MX5 due to its nice metal design but mostly due to great software experience. However, Mediatek Helio X10 processor is good but it is not as powerful or future-proof as the Snapdragon 810 chip found in the latter 3 phones.

At the end of the day, all phones are great choices if you are looking for affordable Chinese flagship. You really need to ask yourself what are your personal preferences but if you ask me, the OnePlus 2 and the Letv Le 1 Pro are your safest bets.


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15 Responses so far.

  1. Axgio Virtual Reality says:

    nice review as always.

  2. Daniel Esimu says:

    Thanks man nice review.
    I have been watching your videos the whole day today to help me make a choice but am failing. Help me best phone in camera, performance and battery, finger print but can do without under $180.
    I want to buy ASAP. Thanks in advance.

  3. zindine elwawi says:

    is letv release a international firmware for le 1 pro i want to buy it but im confused ?

  4. Fer Nando says:

    nice review, u got another subscriber.

  5. arnold kokonya says:

    Yo, you were too fast please go slow. I could hardly hear what you were saying. And could you try and focus on a phone at a time. You mixed me up. I had to watch it all over again. Either way, I appreciate your efforts and the choice of phones was good. Btw, why did you leave out the Elephone? They also have pretty good phones. You could check them out too.

  6. TD Tribe says:

    hey, what would you say: letv le 1 pro, meizu mx 5 or meizu mx 4 pro?

  7. yoshi doshi says:

    axon elite is the only one with NFC

  8. Kamilar135 says:

    Which is better? LG G3, Honor 7, Oneplus x, Asus zenfone selfie or Meizu mx5? The camera is important for me. Thx!

  9. Barby Girl says:

    Excellent review, but why there are no phone that I have? I think I've bought the best one http://ali.pub/hujr4

  10. christophe hofmann says:

    Your test is a bullshit.

  11. christophe hofmann says:

    and you say that this is the LeTV that has the best sound output .Sauf the Meizu Pro 5 has the best market sound card so it is simply not possible for the LeTV has better audio quality.

  12. christophe hofmann says:

    how is Mi Note Pro ?

  13. Konstantinos Karasardelis says:

    Great review my friend… i was recently totally disappointed with the letv x500 i got (awful camera and flash) and i was looking for something better – OP2 probably is the way to go, but it's too expensive.

  14. avassos1 says:

    totally agree one plus two is the winner

  15. Pablo Labarrere says:

    Hey does anyone know if these phones offer 4G LTE bands for U.S. users?  I have T-Mobile and know that most Chinese cell phones only do 3G… please let me know which of these are confirmed to work with 4G LTE in the U.S. thanks again!