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one or the other will be done …finally

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11 Responses so far.

  1. 1LUVCOOL says:

    Subscribed 2 ur channel, informative want 2 up grade LG Venice when next video

  2. Eric Bostick says:

    It charges. Alot of reviews i read say the lg venice is way better than the warp sequent and that its faster even tho the warps prosseser is 1.4ghz vs lg 1.0ghz there ram specs are the same warp s. Has better screen res 540×860 vs 480×800 so im not sure witch on to buy id like to get the samsung galaxy s2 but thats alot of cash becuase my wife wants a new phone also and she wants th s2 and i need a phone too if she gets the s2 so will i but thats over 700 for two phones id like to stay under 350

  3. Eric Bostick says:

    I bought a zte warp becuase of your reviews last year in january i loved it untill 4 months ago when it started having to load and buffer videos way to much freezes alot crashes often laggs boggs down reboots locks up loads to slow and all videos seem pixalated alot more than thay used to be people cant hear me loud speaker was always shitty also just not loud enough battery sucks now its always on charger it cant charge fast enough if im using it at same time anymore battery drains faster than

  4. Robert Harrison says:

    Should I get zte warp or sequence or Samsung transform !? Help me I can't decide and I don't want to waist money on a stupid phone

  5. john wilson says:

    Knox,…. My friend, ole buddy ole Pal…. Do I ever need YOUR help…! I've I've got major problems with my ZTE Warp.. I've been scared to root it (them), I'm on my 3rd warp, I've got 2 in my sock drawer that are frozen. One of those I dropped in toilet, everything works on it, EXCEPT it a black screen. The 2nd one, just froze up and won't respond to touch. This one, my 3rd, I want to root but am scared. I'm johngw43@gmail.com, PLEASE HELP.

  6. MC CLG Da Crazy Lyrical Genius says:

    watched a few of ur videos n just realize i like ur voice u look younger than u sound

  7. waltergq says:

    hey knoxville would u please do a zte warp sequent review ur the best doing them, thanks in advance

  8. rodion sushin says:

    How's your s2 working out for you?? You experience any problems with it?? I ask cause I want to get one too… 🙂

  9. Charise Edwards says:

    I'm on the market for a new Boost Mobile phone. I appreciate your helpful videos. Thanks!

  10. ughismyboss says:

    review both the phones

  11. Elmer Torres says:

    zte warp