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Boost Mobile max plus vs LG G Stylo

Posted on October/30/2018 | Categories: Videos 18 Comments

Comparing Boost Mobile max vs LG G Stylo

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18 Responses so far.

  1. David Harrell says:

    everyone bashing the max plus. it's bad had stylo.metro it's okay it's what u like ain't much a difference boost doesn't really sell great phones. I'm a real world user not specs or camera. u want good pictures buy a real camera most people trashing phones obvious they haven't had the. phones. they all do the same shit.

  2. lavillavictoria says:

    my lg stylo lagged badly, slow, slow, slow and had very low memory. VTE has 2 gb of ram. Doubles the ram… Less frustration.

  3. Sean O'Connor says:

    Dude, you have to get with the technical knowledge program. Major change (not just kind of a "plus") is double the RAM. Ask your android nerd friends what that means for the the difference between two phones.


  4. Joshua Jenrette says:

    exactly this phone is overpriced you're just paying for the big screen 👎

  5. Kendue Jones says:

    need to see the " other phone.but nice vid

  6. Bernard Thomas says:

    What I don't understand is how do this phone cost more then the zte warp elite and the warp elite is a way better phone then this phone.with a better camera..

  7. Sebastian J says:

    Just To Save Time… The LG G Stylo Is Better[I Have The BoostMobile Variant] Its A Splendid Device…

  8. Sebastian J says:

    21 More Bloody Idiot/Morons And Counting…

  9. Bernard Thomas says:

    the best upgrade is the 2gb of ram the old one had 1 gb of ram ..

  10. Kendrick s new, view s, and review s. Entertainment says:

    Thx to everyone for making this video a success.

  11. HARRY ELDRIDGE says:

    To much talking dude not professional at all stick to the point

  12. qwe qwen says:

    You are a fool. If you want to review a phone. have the phone with you! Not a fucking Pic, Dummy!

  13. Yasir Suliman says:

    Boost max plus 1.3 mp front 8mp rear 16 GB internal Quad process 32 GB mem card abvailability Lg G stylo 8 mp rear 5 Mp front 8 gb Internal 32 gb mem card availablity both full of bloatware thats why I bought the ZTE warp elite for 20 cheaper because i has a 13mp rear 5mp front 16GB internal holds 64 gb mem card 5.1 lolipop os just like the other two but has a 3000mah battery so it lasts longer runs smoother performs better and its cheaper then both the max+ and the Stylo

  14. Kendrick s new, view s, and review s. Entertainment says:

    Yup. Sometimes words are stronger than pictures just ask the 1300 viewers.

  15. Dee Bhadest says:

    review with no physical phones? just talking?

  16. Kendrick s new, view s, and review s. Entertainment says:

    Yea but the LG G stylo wins this battle hands down.

  17. jaggedchino says:

    16 megabites?

  18. Ainz Ooal Gown says:

    just subscribing to my fellow tech reviewer, and yes it's a 1 MP front facing Camera and the 720P screen helps with battery life 🙂