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ONLY HALF DONE. This phone is not repair friendly. You have to be careful. The screen is integral with the circuit board. In removing the circuit board from the screen, I broke one of the contact tabs from the circuit board. It can be done, just more carefully than I did it. This video will get you to the point of separating the circuit board from the screen.

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11 Responses so far.

  1. chufo 0125 says:

    lol,my bro to take out the battery just pull the two strips(blak tape on the buttom side of the battery)and it will come out easy,its applies for all iphones with this strips too!! good luck!

  2. Mika Cotty says:

    What in the hell . DUde why you make a video. i don't even know and I'm sitting here trying to help you. HAHAHAHHAHA WTF.

  3. Crafty NitWIt Phone Cases says:

    are the n9521 and n9520 the same?

  4. Robert Trammell says:

    is it the same procedure to replace the screen on the n9521?

  5. Real DEAL says:

    what a douchebag.

  6. juan carlos Fuentes says:


  7. juan carlos Fuentes says:


  8. Nancy florez says:

    How do I disconnect the battery pull the 3 wires with the white plastic or lift up. I'm not sure. Please someone who knows reply. Ty

  9. Daniel Atilano says:

    No help at all!

  10. Paulo Cantu says:

    Love the lighting for your video. did you use a candle. Love the romantic mood you set.

  11. Miguel Zepeda says:

    No puedo Acer yamadas si alguien sabe como aselo no puedo Acer que salgan yamadas