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17 Responses so far.

  1. SentientGhost says:

    Is this phone better than the ZTE Warp?

  2. madmoneyman20 says:

    Are u able to download the oovoo video chat app for the zte warp sequent

  3. shanna is awesome says:

    i have this phone i bought it yesturday cus im only having it for a week cuss im getting the galaxy s4 yay

  4. keivan wilson says:

    can it take snapshot

  5. Taylor Hicks says:

    I have this phone<3 I love it

  6. PurpleBeauty says:

    Does it freeze and shut down alot like the warp?

  7. SupremeGodSon says:


  8. Sol Medina says:

    just got it anyone know where i could get a case for it

  9. PaarI BosZ says:

    Can some one tell me, if this or iphone 4 is faster on webs and smoother on games and also which one is better !?

  10. Isaiah Sherrell says:

    Can you take Screenshots


    Can't wait to get rid of this blackberry. It's so slow and sucks.

  12. Niko Hicks says:

    People complain about the ZTE warp sequent when they have just ZTE warp so stop complaining about something you don't have this phone got rated like a 9.3 of course it should have had dual processers but its a 139.99 phone with a 4.3 inch screen unless your gonna spend 300 dollars stop bitching

  13. LazyAzzWhiteboy says:

    you CAN switch the lockscreen

  14. TheAbeham - Mexican Sushi says:

    may i ask what state you live in? i need this to judge the speeds in my state (Texas)

  15. Jorell Rutledge says:

    The Google search bar is removable. SettingsAppsAll Apps Google Search Disable.

  16. Diirtee Sanchez says:

    is that chicken grease on the back of the phone? @ 1:41

  17. Masterfan says:

    Yo am ur biggest fan can u send me the zte wrap sequence…..txt me 9733808498