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Brothers in Arms 2 on ZTE Blade

Posted on January/4/2011 | Categories: Videos 13 Comments

A nice WWII fps from Gameloft. 🙂 It’s a bit laggy, but still playable.

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13 Responses so far.

  1. ThePicassoo says:

    is ZTE blade the same phone as Orange San Francisco ?

  2. MrSaccco says:

    Market, Gameloft(DOT)com, google… etc

  3. MRWHITE3535 says:

    where can i find games like this?

  4. MrSaccco says:

    To make SGS, Desire etc owners jealous, because they spent a lot more…
    To make Blade owners proud, that their device can do almost anything what the more expensive devices can.

  5. wujekandrzej says:

    runs, but not smoothly. what’s the point of running something when your device hardly struggle to deal with it, it’s no fun to use.

  6. MrSaccco says:

    Not only games benefit from the greater resolution.

    Surfing on the internet… compared to a HVGA screen is much better.

    Don’t forget that this phone is only half/quarter price than the 1GHz phones and almost runs everything they can run.

    + I would never again buy a phone under WVGA res….

  7. wujekandrzej says:

    but who needs that high resolution when you can’t run any good game smoothly? LOL. unplayable.

  8. MrSaccco says:

    Check out cyanogen(dot)com -> devices -> zte blade

  9. matjus29 says:

    i have zte blade with 2.2 froyo .can you give me more info about cyanogen ? and i have a risk broken my phone if i do this cyanogen ..sry for my stupid question im not an expert and sry for my bad eng if u dont understand

  10. MrSaccco says:

    And the Xperia has only 40% of the Blade’s screen resolution…. lol….

  11. Matixsz says:

    on Xperia X8 , 2.3.3 CM7 it runs better , lol

  12. idiotcorppresident says:

    @MrSaccco Ah, Cyanogen is awesome, isn’t it? Overclocked? I am to 748mhz, runs perfectly 😀

  13. MrSaccco says:

    On this video its the JJRLS9.
    But now I am using CyanogenMOD 7 N13