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Checking out ZTE’s Sprint Force

Posted on August/5/2017 | Categories: Videos 20 Comments

Manufactured by ZTE, the competitively priced Sprint Force is a 4G LTE mid-tier handset with a dual-processor, 4-inch screen, and 5-megapixel camera.

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20 Responses so far.

  1. YeseniaMichelle says:

    I have this phone and youtube videos look terrible

  2. DJGAPPYGAP says:

    its not crappy

  3. Sujan Kakumanu says:

    In my opinion it still works fine (Still fast and no lag), gets the latest updates, and many people still use it. (Just my opinion).

  4. PussMag says:

    let me guess, Lynn La owns ZTE

  5. SweetWife84 says:

    iPhone5S Killer, Lynn La Wins

  6. TechXSoftware says:

    s4 wins nuff said

  7. facker gomez says:

    Shes hot

  8. Joseph Catalanotto says:

    Why would someone buy this instead of the Galaxy Nexus?!

  9. Darwyn Montes says:

    When i first saw the face of lynn, i smiled 🙂
    Ohhh, what a very lovely lady.. I wish i can meet her in person…

  10. Sujan Kakumanu says:

    If you want a cheap phone in sprint, just go with the galaxy nexus…it's free!

  11. superscriper says:

    every Chinese manufactured phone is reviewed by Lynn la

  12. jonzdad1 says:

    Not everyone wants to/ can spend hundreds of dollars on a phone…

  13. funnykenji says:

    I like her hair, like blow onto the other side, so creative, CNET GIVE HER A BETTER PHONE TO FIRST LOOK

  14. CallumStewartTV says:

    Lynn La, marry me?

  15. waf4545 says:

    What's so crappy about this phone?

  16. Meijin cg says:

    samsung galaxy s4 killer lol

  17. Subodh Chawla says:

    Why does she always get the crappy phones??

  18. 2epic2fail says:

    i love lyn la <3

  19. Ytremz says:

    Stop hating man! Maybe if you ask nicely she'll let you have a try 😉

  20. MisterDANNt says:

    I'd like to do 1 minute videos about cheap phones and get paid. Best job ever.