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8 Responses so far.

  1. Jacob W says:

    This is all wrong, I just got done with straight talk and there telling me
    I cant activate my ZTE Valet cuz its tracfone and not straight talk. Also
    in the video the valet is the same and is CDMA and the still wont accept
    mine so buyer beware and also its false advertisement and also the guy in
    live chat support ended the chat on me like an asswhole and I had to call.
    I was so pissed with straight talks service and I was trying to be nice cuz
    I hear they suck with service. I saved the chat log from straight talk if
    you guys want to check it out please ask I’ll prove it.

  2. Kei Barnes says:

    does the majesty have a lock setting looks as if u just press button to
    unlock…ugh sure hope u can have lock code option with it

  3. Andre Williams says:

    Majesty has a front camera also.

  4. Kernel says:

    Does the Valet have a green notification light? Or just the other two?

  5. Tony Lin says:

    Wonderful smart phones for selection. Thanks for the sharing with us.

  6. Christopher Childers says:

    The green flashing light on the front of all of these phones, is that a
    message light?

  7. Pat smear says:

    Great review for us financially challenged

  8. kilo3086 says:

    I think it is worth noting that the Valet has a fixed focus camera. The
    larger two have autofocus cameras. Many shopping apps will not work without