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Comparison LG G stylo with ZTE ZMAX for metro pcs

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14 Responses so far.

  1. Johnny Taylor says:

    can you do a video for lg stylo boost vs metro lg stylo

  2. Kendue Jones says:

    lg g stylo the white & rose gold is crazzzy!!! i have it & loving it… go get it!

  3. Robin Flores says:

    i just got mine LG Stylo and i love it,its awesome

  4. igone vidios says:

    I finally got rid of my ZTE zmax worst phone ever. I got the white lg g style today I love it

  5. Teresa Poteete says:

    how to watch Netflix off my phone to a Samsung tv

  6. Aaron “Nelson” Quinn says:

    Thanks for this. Great comparison. I am switching to Metro PCS in 2 weeks and wanted a phone that is better than my Galaxy S3 but was also reasonably priced. I really like the battery life of the Zmax and the on screen buttons but the Stylo is definitely the better phone and the one I will be getting. Great job!

  7. Meagen Kasey says:

    Dude the zmax is so ugly like wtf 😂😂 My Stylo is much better and prettier. 😍😍😍😍😍

  8. Richard Valentin says:

    I use to have the Lg g stylo and I thought it was garbage. The memory is bad and the battery didn't even last me the whole day plus it was laggy. I like my zte zmax the storage is good and battery is impressive. It's not garbage like some people say.

  9. Andy Goods says:

    get the ZTE

  10. Angel Montes says:

    LG Stylo📲 is better🌟 and I Have that phone📱!!!😄

  11. Kevin Tompkins says:

    Boost mobile lg g stylo only has 8GB Rom and 1GB ram. I ended up rooting mine and hot rid OF a lot of bloatware and was able to keep the cpu core clock at max performance.

  12. Bruce Sherrod says:

    Zmax is the shit! Battery life, memory n everything is good.

  13. Jaylen Bond says:

    LG g stylo and the lg g4 and iPhone 6s plus r the best phones.

  14. Oscar Mejia says:

    The LG Stylo runs out of memory very quickly. It has a 8gig memory. It's built in applications take up all the memory. This phone is very promising but it's really a disspointment. I would not buy the LG Stylus. never!. I don't know about the ZMax if it runs out of memory quickly.