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Comparison Samsung Core Prime with ZTE Obsidian for Metro Pcs

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8 Responses so far.

  1. Josue Bustos says:

    Core prime

  2. Lorenzo Wyman2704 says:

    I owned both these phones and the core prime was better for me

  3. Nick Gaming says:

    Samsung Galaxy Core Prime is way better then that other phone

  4. Richarleson Nazaires says:

    I'm getting the zte obisidian

  5. Brayz Vlogs says:

    I like the zte obsidian

  6. FriadyThe13thFan J says:

    witch one is Best???

  7. Juan Robles says:

    will metro get binge on like tmobile

  8. alexjavi13ify says:

    bought a s6 and got the core prime for free,overall the s6 is a good phone but the battery life is bad compared to my zte zmax