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Looking over every part of ZTE’s latest budget smartphone.

BUY IT: http://mycrk.it/2r6ZRw4
ACCESSORIES: http://amzn.to/2rV56Eb

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8 Responses so far.

  1. George D. Lietzan says:

    Ⓜ Wow! Impressive price for all the features (even at stansard retail price). 👍 Similar form factor as the LGG4 ❤ and great manual camera settings. Great review V. 👌

  2. Rahul Jain says:


  3. marcel vinesar says:

    just being a nice phone and inexpensive is not enough, I had this phone for 2 days and took it back. The phone it self is beautiful and pretty fast for the price good specs but I do watch a lot of YouTube videos just like this one and the 6" screen was one of the main reasons I bought this phone,the problem is that while watching videos the screen turns black for no reason and you have to restart the video or the app, you can still hear audio but screen turns black, it happens quite often and there's more complaints on line regarding this problem, for me it is a deal breaker despite the good price

  4. Boba Squid says:

    The only mistake in design with this phone is navigation buttons on the front face. ZTE should of gone with digital screen navigation buttons.

  5. Jaybee Laze says:

    the phone is absolute trash. ZTE must have a development team made up of autistic toddlers.

  6. Boba Squid says:

    This phone is no LG G6 or anything of the sort BUT for 150 bucks, Android 7.1 out of the box, 32gb storage (out of box 21gb), 2gb ram, 13mp front camera 5mp front, 1.4mhz quadcore processor AND a 6 inch screen?! This phone is a hidden gem! Save yourself 500 bucks with this phone. No nfc tho. But I don't care, don't use it. 🙂 Ridiculous deal on this phone! Don't listen to the "high end" phone snobs. This phone is really nice! Don't be one of those people who thinks this phone sucks because it doesn't cost 800 dollars. Don't be that chump! Good video!

  7. technogeekie says:

    I just got this phone today. It has so many features for a budget phone. the fingerprint scanner is awesome, it has a very quick response. The camera is pretty good for pics. I absolutely love this phone.

  8. Darlene Paul says:

    I think the hardware looks great. The shiny blue back is Gorgeous! I love holding this phone naked because it feels great in hand !