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Cricket ZTE Score Review

Posted on December/1/2018 | Categories: Videos 19 Comments

http://wontek.com/prepaid-reviews/cricket-wireless/ZTE-Score Review of the Cricket ZTE Score touch screen phone. Music by http://Music4YourVids.co.uk
This review of the Cricket ZTE Score goes over the features and specs. After watching this video you will have more of an idea on what the phone is like.

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19 Responses so far.

  1. Jesus is Life says:

    haha this phone sucks and the battery sucks pretty nuch everything about it sucks except it's a damn strong phone lol I dropped that thing so many times and it would never break, I dropped my htc one v once and the whole screen cracked,

  2. Bub Skebulba says:

    Wtf? You freak

  3. Brian Kush says:

    Can I lick the girls feet

  4. Lexi Lindsey says:

    I have it it sucks it won't Let you download any thing

  5. Jillian Minton says:

    mine did too before i used the task manager and jus killed programs u dont need …also when i reset the phone to factory reset it was like a new phone

  6. Olivia Silva says:

    Absolutely hate this phone, cant do shit

  7. ABlackjackBrony says:

    No it cant…

  8. Chelsey D says:

    do you know if this phone can take screen shots?

  9. vacaneri2122 says:

    This girl talks like a fuckin idiot and makes the most restarted gestures -__-

  10. Angel Maya says:


  11. Angel Maya says:

    I had two ofrece those phones Andorra they suck i hace one away Andorra i post Maya other one

  12. Tay Ternoir says:

    can someone please tell me if this phone haves temple run

  13. Patience Martin says:

    The phone doesnt sucks, probably your location has a bad area. Love this phone

  14. nancy montes says:

    This phone is great but it doesnt have a front camera

  15. .:;El_Gallina:;. says:


  16. .:;El_Gallina:;. says:

    Its Called UNLiMiTED DATE with NO LiMiT (-;

  17. Alan Ramirez says:

    Your pretty, that's only reason i watch the video. 😉

  18. awesomeghos says:

    Mine has a crack in it nothinh id compatible with it either 🙁

  19. Keef Delvalles says:

    Fuk dis phone