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Sorry for sucky camera angle, quality, lack of audio and forgeting that spray bottle infront of camera for most of time, I was testing Live broadcasting to Ustream. I’m pretty sure I failed the installation somehow… :S Yes, I know the webcam I used sucks when it comes to details. :S

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Xtclilium says:

    ye i got it to and it looks horrible… tho im not removing it since i dont want scraches 🙁

  2. cdROOTatNIX says:

    @conquerbots it looks like crap, but that’s probably I think I failed installing it properly. Parts that are covered: screen and back cover. Sides exposed, same with buttons and plastic “chin” bellow front buttons. I have no idea of functionality since I’ll let it set and water to evapoorate for another 12 hours (as it’s been only 12 hours since I installed it and the instructions mentioned 24 hours of drying).