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Disassemble Tutorial for ZTE Obsidian Z820 T-Mobile

Posted on December/30/2017 | Categories: Videos 9 Comments

This video: how to disassemble ZTE Obsidian Z820 carefully, using the proper screw driver T6 and a flat end screwdriver. You may also look for how to open a ZTE Obsidian phone and replace any parts of it.
This is a guide to remove the motherboard, a guide to remove camera, a guide to remove the microphone, a guide to remove the vibrator or wifi antenna.
Disclaimer: This Channel is not responsible for any damage caused to the phone while working on it.Si we suggest to use the proper tools and safety glasses.

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9 Responses so far.

  1. dante thagod1246 says:

    Can u help me i cant connect to wifi on zte obsidian

  2. Douglas Sequera says:


  3. Steven Stover says:

    Hey I replaced my screen using your guide(thank you). But now it won't power on when I put the battery in or plug it in. What did I do wrong

  4. k rogue says:

    I'll try when I get a computer

  5. k rogue says:

    Is lucky patcher a faulty apk, I think it messed up my system apps,can I open up mine and get it to turn on again

  6. k rogue says:

    I downloaded some apk and I think it messed up my google account, and tried to flash different firmware, then it didn't go into recovery mode anymore, it said t-mobile.com/secure lock. I called and gave my imei now my phone doesn't charge and turn on no more, can I fix it, or tell me how to please

  7. Jeffrey Rust says:

    @Klavdio-Leadership see my last comment

  8. Jeffrey Rust says:

    Can you factory reset one of these and then backup the factory ROM ?
    I rooted my phone and broke my ROM. I need a new copy of the factory ROM.

    Please help.

  9. Erny Manzanarez says:

    can you help me on something my Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is not working to trun on what can I do plz answer back