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15 Responses so far.

  1. Asif Khalil says:

    My phone stucked on software update pls help me what should I do

  2. G with Bee says:

    it won't work it will still require previously synced Google account I found another way to do it just dail "0" from emergency number add notes from call now select the note and share with xender search settings and add Google account and Done I've Done it more than 5 times

  3. paul lerma says:

    It actually worked. Good shit

  4. Elite Kingdom Gamer says:

    Thanks it actually worked

  5. Xopaw says:

    heres other way, press and hold your home button.. it will take you to google search. and follow other steps on the video

  6. Susan Kent says:

    Bless your soul it worked!!!

  7. Prince Shayan says:

    Nice!!!!Good work awesome

  8. Lionel Moore says:

    how do u put the swipe on it

  9. serkan crash says:

    a3 2016 doesnt work bitch

  10. freesf ftrefv says:

    Sick!! Thanks man!!

  11. Laila Middag says:

    Не верный вашь вариант хламный решил проблему по другому другой софт скачал рабочею версию программы кому нужно тут можно скачать https://yadi.sk/d/zKRExFmq3KEC3U

  12. Uttam Suthar says:

    work like charm 👍👍👍👍👍

  13. Darlene Grayson says:

    Thanks this worked…appreciate how short and simple to follow.

  14. ensignbodybag says:

    Swype not installed on my android so this is useless..

  15. jitendra koli says:

    Bhai xolo era x ka pta h kya