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Episode #2.Optus Android powered MyTab review

Posted on November/15/2010 | Categories: Videos 11 Comments

Just a little review on the ZTE tablet I picked up from Optus. Forgive the camera work as I don’t have a tripod yet so naturally was a little shaky. Remember, any Android developers wanting their stuff reviewed can send em a message and I will check it out. Feel free to leave helpful comments and suggestions

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11 Responses so far.

  1. squidzie says:

    @swathepocalypse Oh nice, because I just ordered one. So main differences still flash and apps?

  2. swathepocalypse says:

    @squidzie lol Thanks mate. Been flat out but have some stuff in the works

    Optus is now officially working on the 2.2 rom so hopefully it will be released soon.

  3. squidzie says:

    Oh mate, you’ve gotta be the most listenable dude on Youtube. So friggin funny and down to earth, and a little bit bogan, but still smart!
    What a lol

  4. DasGav says:

    they’re now $200 online from optus on prepaid.

  5. swathepocalypse says:

    @Vikukstube There is no 2.2 ROM for this device yet, not even a custom made one like cyanogen, tbh the main difference is flash and installing apps to the SD card, but there is a mod to do that.

    I have installed flash but it doesn’t really work all that well. there is a youtube app that work brilliantly though.

  6. Vikukstube says:

    Have you tried to overwrite OS from android 2.1 to 2.2?
    And have you tried to instal flash player?

  7. theaussiestoner says:

    @swathepocalypse hey thanx man, i just got mine and i love it, just wat i wanted for the price, im making a review aswell hopefully tomorrow and ive already posted a vid of a video camera test from it for everyone who wants one to see what they are going to get

  8. swathepocalypse says:

    @theaussiestoner Thanks mate I hope it helped. It really is a great little gadget for the price. Everything I have found says it smashes the telstra offering. I use mine everyday at work and home and it hasn’t skipped a beat.

  9. theaussiestoner says:

    hi mate, cheerz for the review, been trying to find out which is better between the telstra tab and the optus tab, im going to buy this one, the only problem is it not being telstra but i guess i dont realy care coz ive got a android phoe on telstra, ive been wanting to get a tablet coz i think apple sucks off ducks, plus i lke to get the better technology for the cheapest price i can find hehehe, once again cheerz for your review mate, im definatly buying one this week end, might review it too

  10. swathepocalypse says:


    lololol yeah he’s awesome

  11. Seifer221183 says:

    Richard Stallman!

    Bow bow bow bowwwwwwwww