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Fedora 15 Alpha review is up! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0d_9C8XlV00 Thread about F@h on the forum: http://www.thisweekinlinux.com/forum/index.php?topic=547 FYI, this is not my main…

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17 Responses so far.

  1. russjr08 says:

    I hope your new laptop works great! My parents had just gotten a Dell
    Inspiron 15R and before a week passed, the Hard Drive Failed… we sent it
    in and got it back…. another failed hard drive. We think that they didn’t
    even replace the Hard Drive as the paper had “OS Restore” checked but
    nothing about the HDD was checked off

  2. Sansui350A says:

    /me doesn’t say a word.. but, *calls “special person” to deal with
    “issue”.. lol

  3. Hugo Pablo says:

    love the pingüin in the background

  4. jorge trejos peña says:

    who a hell is this stupid ¬¬

  5. TWILTalks says:

    @commputer33 whu-WHAAAAAT????? *googles*

  6. TWILTalks says:

    @ACPCalin I play on a server run by Sansui350A or Lmull3 in the IRC
    channel. I think Lmull3 is running it now. If you want to get in on it,
    come by the IRC and ask about it. 🙂 As far as netbooks, the HP mini is
    really nice. I had an Asus EeePC 1000HE, and it was amazing. The biggest
    thing is getting your hands on it (or something similar) to make sure you
    like the keyboard/screen/etc.

  7. DrSunnz says:

    I heard that they might want to use the gnome 3 wallpaper as the default
    f15 wallpaper.

  8. Carrera1123 says:

    Buffer IO Error… outch….xD

  9. TWILTalks says:

    @DrSunnz ohhh, ok. sorry about that. Unity is the new shell for Gnome that
    Canonical is designing, to be used instead of Gnome Shell. Check out my
    Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 3 video on the ThisWeekInLinux channel to see what it
    looks like, if you’re interested.

  10. TWILTalks says:

    @DrSunnz if the default wallpaper is different colored blue stripes (and I
    think it is), then yes. 🙂

  11. DrSunnz says:

    @TWILTalks Oh really?! Because that IS the gnome 3 wallpaper!!! They (the
    team leader Red Hat employee) suggested that F15 could be the speical Gnome
    3 release if Gnome 3 ready when F15 is released.

  12. TWILTalks says:

    @CatalyticDragon btw, I apologize if I came across as a bit of a jerk
    there. Definitely wasn’t intentional. I just get almost exactly that same
    comment between tons of times every day. I made a video on here a little
    while back talking about it, but it doesn’t help. The irony, though? If I
    pronounce it “nome”, I’ll get the same amount of commenters telling me I’m
    pronouncing it wrong. 😛 It’s a no-win situation. Off to bed now. have a
    great night!

  13. ACPCalin says:

    I know this is REALLY Offtopic, but what Minecraft Server do you mainly
    play on? And so that I remain somehow on topic, what Netbook do you
    recommend buying? I like the HP Mini series as they look awesome but I
    checked the Canonical website and saw that only older models of HP mini are
    100% compatible with Ubuntu(and implicitly with Linux) . Dell Netbooks are
    also attracting me. So which model do you prefer? 🙂

  14. Mysticsam86 says:

    at 2:32 Turnaround your computer is waiting for a input!! :=)

  15. FluttterFox says:

    First? anyways, I have an old machine I need to turn on as well…. It is
    about 12 years old. Ah…floppy disks.

  16. TWILTalks says:

    @TWILisawesome it’s not something I”ve had to do very often, but it’s nice
    to know how to do it. 🙂

  17. TWILTalks says:

    @triplesquarednine isn’t enabled by default? Because I downloaded the
    Fedora 15 Alpha live CD, put it into a machine at work, and that’s what
    came up. 😛