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Fifa 10 on ZTE Blade

Posted on June/9/2010 | Categories: Videos 21 Comments

Fifa 10 gameplay on ZTE Blade. Quality is still not the best… 🙁 🙂

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21 Responses so far.

  1. 11Alexinho says:

    It runs very well on 2.1, i´ve got it too

  2. MrSaccco says:

    The stock launcher hasn’t got this feature…so..
    You just need to install an another home screen app // launcher like LauncherPro, ADW EX, GO Launcher etc…

  3. sexiflexi13 says:

    I still do not have this phone … but I have once more question whether it is the ability to have the home screen in landscape mode? whether it is custom rom? or something? Please tell me:)

  4. MrSaccco says:

    I have found it in the Backgrounds app. You can download it from the market.

  5. sexiflexi13 says:

    I really like your wallpaper! It was already pre-loaded onto, or downloaded it from somewhere? As you’ve downloaded it please tell me from which site …

  6. Krazeman497 says:

    With the zte blade or orange san francisco . where do you found out about how much credit you have got left ?

  7. Krazeman497 says:

    @MrSaccco Thank you for telling me that information , that is really helpful 🙂

  8. MrSaccco says:

    It comes with a 2GB card and usb cable which is also used to charge the phone and a heabphone.
    I’m not sure if fifa runs on 2.1, but I think it does.

  9. Krazeman497 says:

    I would like to ask you a few questions. Firstly , does the white ZTE Blade have a 2GB Memory card , A USB Cable and Headphone. Secondly, Does FIFA 10 work on Android 2.1 and finally is the price the same as the grey one.

  10. MrSaccco says:

    Google helped me. And i think it should work on 2.1

  11. TheSlickkid says:

    @MrSaccco did you get this on the android market, also will this work on 2.1 blade

  12. MrSaccco says:

    Yes, it has multitouch.

  13. tecEErbe says:

    Does this phone have multitouch? Because I’m not sure.

  14. brumbrine says:

    @gamez101 i agree

  15. sulliswanton says:

    @MrSaccco ok thx

  16. MrSaccco says:

    Thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD)

  17. sulliswanton says:

    What does TFT mean ?

  18. MrSaccco says:


  19. TheManHasNoName says:


  20. gamez101 says:

    Better than DS

  21. lacimenethill says:

    @bvb1909kingz yes better :D,