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(First Look)ZTE Grand X4 Back Removed

Posted on February/24/2018 | Categories: Videos 5 Comments

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5 Responses so far.

  1. David Pixley says:

    how did u get it open? is this a zte256?

  2. el kokun de dragon ball zuperzukulento says:

    Your laucher?

  3. AaronM Tech and Vlogs says:

    I'm Not Responsible if any damage is done to your device and this is not a how to video but to remove the back panel carefully wedge your fingernail between screen and plastic and go around the phone ( sort of like a Nokia lumia phone) and peel carefully to not break the ribbon cable

  4. Raeann Arscott says:

    Your rude comments are stupid. He flat out said his phone cracked and it came off. Doesnt say he took it off or is going to show how to take it off. Anyway, i need to remove mine to replace the speaker but dont wanna crack it and it looks like its not so easily removed.

  5. Mr. Crowley says:

    How do you remove the fucking back???