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Flash Orange San Francisco/ZTE Blade

Posted on February/17/2011 | Categories: Videos 21 Comments

Twitter: twitter.com www.facebook.com INSTRUCTION FILE FOR USERS OF THE NEW ZTE DEVICES! www.4shared.com UPDATED VIDEO! since the new version of clockwork has a new file name DO NOT COPY the name i say in the video! instead follow what is written in the turorial! UPDATE 2: Instead of downloading the update.zip file you can download a complete new custom rom! UPDATE 3: IF YOU SEE ‘WAITING FOR DEVICE’ Please install these drivers! www.mediafire.com To install THE DRIVERS: 1. Download the file above and extract to a folder of your choice. 2. With your phone ON and fully booted, connect to PC with USB cable. New Hardware wizard should start. 3. When asked to search select no and browse to the folder where you extracted the files. Click next and the wizard should install 2 devices. (SingleAdbInterface and CompositeAdbInterface) 4. Unplug the phone from the pc and restart phone in bootloader mode (Power on with Volume up key pressed) Phone should stay on Green Android screen. 5. Plug in phone again and wizard should detect new hardware. Again point wizard to folder where you extracted files and SingleBootloader device should be installed. 6. Job done Reboot phone and all should be working. UNLOCK PHONE FIRST: www.nextgenserver.com How to flash your orange san francisco! Links: Find your rom from here: android.modaco.com Or if you want the update.zip folder its here: rapidshare.com (contains old version of clockwork recovery) recovery clockwork link: www.4shared.com fastboot

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21 Responses so far.

  1. CaptainBeavus says:

    @jizzer48 hey! Download the separate instructions file I have just uploaded..try that method! Link in description!

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  2. jizzer48 says:

    step 4 doesnt work, the screen wont stay at the green android?
    whats wrong?
    Thank you 🙂

  3. CaptainBeavus says:

    @levchik91 No problem mate! you are welcome!

    Rate and subscribe! 😀

  4. levchik91 says:

    Thank you so much for this detailed video! 🙂

  5. philxter says:

    @CaptainBeavus Yeah thanks for fast reply =) But my problem is that I can’t root it. I can’t get the universal androot to work (it says No ~~~Fu Goo or something) and I can’t get into the the bootload (Volume up + power on) where you can root the phone. I know that my blade is unlocked but I don’t know how to fix this problem. Do you know how to fix it? Thanks again!!

    I will subscribe 😉

  6. CaptainBeavus says:

    @philxter You need to install clockwork recovery to get into the boot menu!

    Make sure your phone is unlocked, Universal Androot should work, if not google other options…I have only used that one.

    If you have clockwork, you hold down VOLUME DOWN AND POWER ON together.,.

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  7. philxter says:

    I can’t get my blade to bootload. It just continues into android. plzzz help me 🙁 what can I do? I’ve also tried Androot but I only get No~~~ Fu Goo~~ or something like that. Is there any other way of doing this?? Please tell me how! thanks

  8. CaptainBeavus says:

    @thegallery Woohoo!! Have you tried out the FLB rom for the SF,, its pretty good!

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  9. thegallery says:

    Thanks. Already done; rocking and rolling!

  10. CaptainBeavus says:

    @thegallery yes this is how you install froyo and other ROMS out there!


  11. thegallery says:

    what’s the reason for this? I understand I have to ‘unlock’ it to use off the orange network, but is this for how you install Froyo? Or is this something else?

  12. ztefanboy says:

    Check out ztefans(dot)com, the zte fan forum

  13. CaptainBeavus says:

    @pipmdirector wooo!!

  14. pipmdirector says:

    my bad it works (:
    just didnt realise there wasnt a dot in front of the com

  15. pipmdirector says:

    the driver link is broken :/

  16. CaptainBeavus says:

    @TheCHFighter Also, before emailing.. try this..

    DOWNLOAD THE DRIVERS *link provided ^^*
    Take your battery out..put it back in..hold VOLUME UP and POWER ON button..

    THE android Logo will stay..now connect your phone to the pc and install the drivers…go through the process again of installing fastboot and see if it works then..

  17. CaptainBeavus says:

    @TheCHFighter My gmail is address is in the description… email me there with a picture..do you have a tft or oled san francisco… email me


  18. TheCHFighter says:

    @CaptainBeavus My friend did it too with the same guide, and he had no problems.
    But you have not understood my problem! I can’t do anything on my phone right now, I can’t reach clockworkmode, my PC doesn’t recognise the phone, if it is plugged into the PC (WIN7).
    I don’t want to say that it is unuseable anymore, because the hardware is allright.
    But if I turn it on, it simply stays at the black screen, where the ANDROID sign is shown, and it stays there.
    Btw, what’s your GMAIL Adress?

  19. CaptainBeavus says:

    @TheCHFighter I Don’t see what could have gone wrong…When you are at command promt did you connect the phone at the right time, and did you hold VOLUME UP AND POWER ON…

    Also..have you downloaded the correct JJ rom..its the first one on the list…

    You might not have drivers installed properly..

    Have you tried it on vista or win7?

    DId you turn your phone of and reboot correctly at the right times..

    try to re do all the steps…

    If not email me on my gmail account…

  20. TheCHFighter says:

    @CaptainBeavus I took Japanese Jellyfish. And recovery-clockwork-
    What can i do to fix my phone?

  21. CaptainBeavus says:

    @TheCHFighter Hello 😐