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If you’ve forgotten your passcode, then hard reset it back to default factory settings. This will wipe clean your cellphone, so back it up. Pattern lock screen my Android cell phone. Phone restore video tutorial unroot unjailbreak

ZTE Warp Sequent for Boost Mobile

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15 Responses so far.

  1. Jose Bonilla says:


  2. Daniel Quiles says:

    thank you your the real mvp

  3. Espi Zamora says:

    thx and if those letters come up it means u pushed the up volume button instead of the down

  4. Danielle Syffert says:

    My phone comes up with FTM written in a white box please help!!!!

  5. Alba Rodriguez says:

    Mine is says install custom file cos I think or to cancel… Any help?

  6. Cody Malone says:

    Thanks ur awesome, ive been struggling with this for so long and u made it super simple


    thank you so much man.

  8. Liz X says:

    mannn thanks  a ton

  9. producciones cn says:

    Thank you so much

  10. corey thomas says:

    It works

  11. Anastasia Maki says:

    it works your awesome man

  12. Jakirra Bailey says:

    when i press the power off button it doesn't shut down

  13. ryan kelley says:

    This does not work

  14. Insaneperez says:

    thank u !!!!!!!!

  15. EfrainMann says:

    What should i do when the little android pops out, a little white square pops out with 3 letters saying: FTM and it just says there, i press ON/OFF button, DOWN VOLUME, and sometimes the CAMERA but the FTM still pops out, help please