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G.Bizet The Pearl Fishers Pt8 A2 Pierrette Alarie, Léopold Simoneau “Ah, revenez à la raison!” Georges Bizet Les pêcheurs de perles Act Two Act Two Finale “Ah, revenez à la raison!” Leila–Pierrette Alarie Nadir–Léopold Simoneau Nourabad–Xavier Depraz Zurga–René Bianco an operbathosa avideo Role : Léïla, a priestess of Brahma Voice Part : soprano Fach : lyric soprano Range : D4 to C6. Tessitura : G#/Ab4 to A6 Role : Nadir, a fisherman Voice Part : tenor Fach : lyric tenor Range : F3 to B5. Tessitura : A4 to G4 Role : Zurga, the king of the fishermen Voice Part : baritone Fach : dramatic baritone|lyric baritone Range : B3 to F#/Gb4. Tessitura : D3 to E4 Georges Bizet Les pêcheurs de perles (The Pearl Fishers) 1953 Leila–Pierrette Alarie Nadir–Léopold Simoneau Zurga–René Bianco Nourabad–Xavier Depraz Elisabeth Brasseur Orchestre des Concerts Lamoureux/Jean Fournet 1953 Pierrette Alarie, CC, CQ (born November 9, 1921) is a French Canadian coloratura soprano. Married to celebrated French-Canadian tenor Léopold Simoneau. Life and career Born in Montreal, Quebec, Alarie was the daughter of a choirmaster and assistant conductor of the Société Canadienne d’opérettes and of a soprano and actress. She studied voice and acting early and performed on radio at the age of 14, first as an actress and later as a singer of popular music. While studying voice with Victor Issaurel, she made her debut in 1938 at Les Variétés lyriques in the operetta The White Horse Inn. She also sang

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