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Galaxy J7 VS Moto G4 VS ZTE ZMax Pro! [COMPARISON]

Posted on September/16/2016 | Categories: Videos 11 Comments

In this video, I give you my thoughts on the Galaxy J7 VS Moto G4 VS ZMax Pro!

#ZTE #ZTEZMaxPro #MotoG4 #GalaxyJ7 #BATTLE

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I’m a techy on the side, who really enjoys technology. I review most of the current devices that hits the market, so that you can have a REAL review. Join me, in my quest to be one of the best reviewers you will ever know.

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11 Responses so far.

  1. michaelclld says:

    I have the ZTE Zmax 2 and love it, it has amazing battery life. How does the battery life on the Pro compare?

  2. 1KiddSoulja says:

    what widget is that on the G4

  3. Jaycel Romanes says:

    nice video👍👍👍gud job" now I know much better to buying my Mobile phone😃 thanks Godbless

  4. Marquis Alexander says:

    Just another Great Video, I see lg10 thanks for the good info

  5. Roy robinson jr says:

    im buying mine this thursday…

  6. Roy robinson jr says:

    how do u get that triple clock widget for the zte zmax pro

  7. altpath says:

    I'm extremely dissatisfied with the ZTE zmax pro. it freezes after watching a video and turning off the screen and I can't find any fixes for that because everyone is too busy gushing over how great it is. I'm going to try to return it.

  8. David Harrell says:

    j what's up bro can you tell me where you got zmax pro wallpaper like it

  9. Lori Briscoe says:

    I got the ZTE Max Pro today from Metro PCS. I had the stylo 2 on boost mobile. This phone is so thin and I'm loving. It has face recognition also. #Pow & Finger print scanner. Now all I need is a thin case.

  10. Billy Hill says:

    I have the ZTE Z Max Pro and I loving it so far prop's to the videos. what he would do you want in your words Google? Or does I have a stock one.

  11. Gummii says: