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A budget priced smartphone competing with Samsung’s latest flagship: the Axon 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Note7. Who will come out on top? Watch and find out!
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17 Responses so far.

  1. eurosonly says:

    Correction: the note series has never been looked at as a flagship by Samsung rather it is the s lineup that makes the most sales and is therefore seen as the bread and butter of their phone division.

  2. Dylan Chau says:

    "Dolbly Atmus"

    Good job, guy.

  3. Jason Lang says:

    That water resistance comes in handy, especially when you have to douse it in water because IT'S ON GODDAMNED FIRE!

  4. Thug9030 says:

    but from your experience with the phone and listening to music through the headphone jack how loud does it get. Loud to the point you cannot crank the volume to a certain part or subtle loud that it's still. Tolerable even at 100%

  5. A Homeless Man With A Job Sad But True says:

    your nuts saying dual front speakers are not louder than one bottom speaker.

  6. A Homeless Man With A Job Sad But True says:

    get Axon half the price good enough for me.

  7. BreakRank says:

    Just being a little wrong with specifications, so comments and views going high. Terrible new world.

  8. Harrison says:

    Biggest differences for me:


    Doubtful that the Note is worth the extra money in my opinion.

  9. Caleb Kan says:

    "Not going to be louder than the downward facing speakers of the Note 7"


  10. Anton Melendez says:

    Extremely biased man, you barely show the Axon 7 in your shitty video.

  11. MikeVideos327 says:

    have any of you even used a note 7? this guy is a total ass hat. I own a note 7 and the speaker is garbage, but the fact that he said the note 7 isn't that far off on the display shows me he is on drugs. the note 7 screen is the first, second, and third best panel available right now. no one comes close to Samsung panels

  12. Haris Nezirevic says:

    Dobly Atmos lol!

  13. ewizzle1978 says:

    the STEREO front facing speakers are NOT going to be louder or clearer than the bottom firing crappy little speaker that is muffled by water proofing? are you serious? Dude… back up your statements with some facts or at least some common sense.

  14. axa3547 says:

    only iphone deserve higher price not because it is good but it retains its resale value and can be easily sell unlike samsung they launch phones in every 2 weeks

  15. nilo mina says:

    nice job mate :)

  16. Darrin Thorpe says:

    lagwiz? lol.
    the note 7 was stuttering just when you were scrolling up and down.
    does the note 7 do your dishes for you too? I mean, it has so much crap jammed into it'
    the front facing speakers are just slightly louder than the note7? lol. I've heard the axon 7 speakers are the loudest by far on any smartphone.

    oh yeah, the axon 7 doesn't overheat or explode. I guess that's a plus!

  17. M.Khairi N.Suhaimi says:

    Why are you downplaying the Axon 7 features…? If this is more of "why you'd pick the note 7 over the axon 7" video I'd understand…. A comparison video shouldn't be this lopsided.