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Got an at&t z221 go phone

Posted on April/15/2015 | Categories: Videos 11 Comments

Title says it all tell me what you think of it in the comments http://www.youtube.com/playlist?feature=edit_ok&list=PLMJRwefiLQ2vsiVPoEJFhEfVh2oc8qEC9 lego RTS playlist on my channel …

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11 Responses so far.

  1. dick rowilson becerra herrera says:

    This is a great simple phone.
    I use it with AT&T GoPhone and am very happy with it.
    Recently, I decided not to use email or web surfing through it and called
    AT&T to turn Internet access off, which they did successfully.
    However, the phone still shows 3G on it.
    I suspect I’ll get better battery life if I turn its 3G/GPRS services off.
    I called ZTE to ask how to do it and to my surprise tech support told me
    that this is not a 3G phone and that it has no GPRS services since it is a
    basic phone.
    This is odd, since it’s manual states otherwise.
    Can anyone clarify this or, better, know how to turn its 3G off to conserve

  2. MASTAX1234 says:

    Hey +Thecatnipproject how do you transfer pictures ti this damn thing? i
    got one and i cannot get it to show up in my computer when plugged in! i
    installed the zte drivers from it and now it wont show up

  3. leo5208 says:

    I got one of these recently. Could you explain how to delete a saved photo?
    I know I can delete a CAPTURED image BEFORE saving. Did you find the user’s
    manual to be very inadequate? I sure did! Thanks.

  4. Thecatnipproject says:

    Like I said you can buy those at walmart without even activating it or if
    you do use the apps that require internet connection and so forth as long
    as you use internet when there is wifion your smartphone you wont have to
    worry about data charges

  5. Jerry Velez says:

    Are you having any problems with this phone because I looked up for other
    at&t gophones and there having problems

  6. Zoe Litchman says:

    I’m thinking of getting that

  7. abby kate reyes says:

    i have that kind of phone that send me from US to philippines, i can’t use
    it because i can’t open it. it just only blinks and blinks all over again
    displaying the first welcome note “rethink possible” if i not mistaken. how
    was that?

  8. urfaceispoopieweenie says:

    can you please make a video on how to turn on your bluetooth because I
    can’t see my screen anymore and I need to turn it on so I can possibly save
    the photos i have on there by browsing my files through my laptop instead.

  9. Christopher711 says:

    Does the phone have a silent vibrate mode?

  10. CrowdPleeza says:

    I’am considering getting one of these. I prefer flip phones generally
    because you can protect the screen better. I’ve seen too many people with
    touch screen phones with cracks in the screen.

  11. anthony magana says:

    i have that phone