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Hands-on with the quad-core ZTE PF100 tablet

Posted on September/16/2018 | Categories: Videos 6 Comments

ZTE announced the PF100 at Mobile World Congress 2012. Although they’re well-known for launching mediocre devices in China, this one could be an affordable and attractive spearhead for North America

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6 Responses so far.

  1. TheJediCote says:

    Why..thats all I ask. why. Why do you need a quadcore tablet. Someone who has developing skills for android explain what application on a tablet would utilize a quad core processor with only 1GB of ram, lets stick with a dual core processor and get that Random Access memory up…

  2. quintilian says:

    as tablets they should easily surpass phones. Easily.

  3. Andrew Fowl says:

    Again is any of this going to be relevant in the USA?

  4. hwy9nightkid says:

    just 1 GB of RAM?? that's kind of normal, no?

  5. Macias Ram says:


  6. sol rosenberg says: