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If the screen is locked with passcode, pattern or google, this video intends to show how to wipe those accounts using external keys or buttons. This process will restore the phone to the factory value (factory Reset)

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12 Responses so far.

  1. Anthony Gutierrez says:

    Regalame la room de ese telefono

  2. Brittney Mandery says:

    My phone is still in a boot loop, even after doing a factory reset. Please help! 🙁

  3. Gamer Blakk_Ganstah says:

    i have same phone, but the little guy says no command

  4. Joshua Wiley says:

    it works thanks i will subscribe and tell people about u

  5. DaniTyphlosion 2017 says:

    Hello a question where can i get the zte obsidian z820 room?

  6. Jeffrey Rust says:

    My android says No Command. What does that mean?

  7. isidro francisco de la cruz hernandez says:

    hola buenas tardes necesito el custom rom de este cell me pueden ayudar

  8. Roberto Castillo says:

    i did root it kingroot and now it doesnt work it stays at the logo…
    i need your firmware…
    would you meke a copy to your sdcard en sent it to me?
    please… i need it..

  9. Alberto Feliz says:

    Tu inglés no la da

  10. bob bing says:

    any one know how to enable band 12 and connect to it?

  11. Sherry Gordon says:

    how do you bypass a google welcome screen if i forgot the password

  12. jhony andrade says:

    muy buenas amigo tengo un problema con mi ZTE z820 me lo vendieron en usa pero no me dijeron q estaba bloquedo sólo para t Mobile… quisiera liberarlo para utilizar con otras operador