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http://michaelkwan.com – An overview of the 5-inch quad core ZTE Grand X Android 4.3 smartphone from Bell Mobility in Canada. Yes, it’s only 0, no contract.

Sample video:

Full review:

MEGATech Reviews: ZTE Grand X (Canadian Version, Bell Mobility)

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10 Responses so far.

  1. Jarrod Cohen says:

    I want another video on this phone i have one and i wanna know some more about it….

  2. kelly lewis says:

    how do you root this phone ???

  3. Valentin Guerin says:

    How are you? Interesting Video porter strange What's your opinion about

  4. Hackuna MyTatas says:

    ayy you are recording this on a lumia 1020 !

  5. M.L.G. Krocken (Micky Micky) says:

    Got this phone for about 150 without tax, 250 with taxes and additionnal warranty ( Canada ), HUGE disapointment, speed isnt asd what I would eexpect from a phone of this price, knowing chinese ones get at least the double of all features…. but I bought it when I wasn't knowiin g anything about phone, less than one years ago, as for now I made lot of seartch since few months, mine dealing about 15.000 antut bench or even less ??!! At this price I could have got a phone with a bench of about 20.000 or even maybe 30.000 !

    Second, I wanted to root it and all, but nobody give a fuck about this phone, so no one get to code anything even on xda…. I dont know how to code and I might someday, but not now lol.

    Well, If you want a cellular without knowing what you take and want something working, go for it as the jack for headphone work nicely, but still, the speakers are so bad……. not even loud and any quality… 
    Mine is a Quad core Snapdragon 400 ( info from antutu I must think ) so really not fast.

    For those wondering about cpu of android phones, mediatek ( Octa core is the latest and deca "10" is the future one ) and snapdragon are different, mediatek are those pretty powerfull from china which can easily , or lets say they are already since long time, beating those from snapdragon, are are even lower in cost ! I'm not kidding here, just go see some benchmark of the latest mediatek and latest snapdragon of SAME PRICE , huge difference lol 

    Good mark by some friends : UMI , Elephone ( have to see first as they seem little bad from somewhere.. but I must be mistaken here ) . I have to hear from more before ^^ .

  6. Marcello Green says:

    Great phone but having it almost a year has turned to disappointment. It won't boot up now. It keep trying to cut on.. but cuts back off repeatatily. Even when I plug the charger into it it does it itself (trying to cut on) I've tried ever method to turn it on but no luck.

  7. Ivan Mendoza says:

    The phone isn't bad going on having it for 4 months, I installed a 16 gig ad card and its still not letting me download a lot I can't install Google play because its telling me storage full when I have 16 gigs!!!! Its driving me mad! I can't seem to find out how I can't put this on I apply the things I downloaded to the SD card bit from the phones apps I cannot because they come on the phone I think buying the SD card was useless because I can't download nothing and am not able to update nothing! I go to cricket stores and they themselfs don't know how its pretty stupid, this is getting g out of my patience anny suggestions???

  8. landmarkcm says:

    I just snagged one of these off ebay for only 65.00 Bucks!! Plan on using on Tmobile here in the USA . As long as the camera is as good as other 5mp shooters, Which can usually be made better with apps too, Then I should like it. ZTE website says though that this is a Qualcomm! not mediatech. I had tried another ZTE as well that had the SRS sound & it was great. This says it has that as well! http://ztedevices.ca/en/zte-grandx.html#

  9. 1fg5 says:

    can someone find a root on this? and yeah there isnt any cases or protective screens i can find O_o

  10. Sele welongo maussa says:

    i think the sound of the phone is low.dont know if its just my device or all of them