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Hidden Features of the ZTE Zmax Pro You Don’t Know About

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11 Responses so far.

  1. Jac Juet says:

    I know where you can stick your finger? Dude that's not a hidden feature it says it right on the box the lady at the Metro store tells you the benefits and features the whole world knows what you get with the ZTE Max there's nothing hidden about it! you didn't discover some secret thing oh guess what world I found a finger sensor on the phone I don't think anybody knows about it, sorry I don't mean to be rude I know I am, two people that make these videos you have to remember we're watching it and it's ridiculous what you're saying.

  2. SayntpFazhion says:

    This was a dope vid and thanks for sharing this vid with us bro

  3. Chris Connolly says:

    can't get my zmax pro 2 to stop pausing vids. help

  4. Carlos Rodriguez says:

    Do you know how to fix the headphone problem with the zte zmax pro z981

  5. D.M MN says:

    how is this taking 10:17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. D.M MN says:

    lots of work for the 1st one when you can just get Nova and put it on your home screen. Nova, Go Launcher etc,etc,etc, make your own widgets. i just wish there was ONE actual secret tip, not just stuff most people should know. Common Sense if you're under 50! hidden albumshave been around forever, they are on quikpic , and yeah you can do gif's? great.

  7. Senpai Is Key says:

    Is anyone else having this problem with there zte zmax pro?? The videos I recorded yesterday in my gallery we're playing just fine. But a couple hours later I tried to watch them and it said couldn't play video. Restarted my phone same thing. I deleted some unneeded screenshots and photos that were blurry to give it more space. I cleared some apps cache and data as well. I was running out of space so it was needed, but STILLLLL they are not playing! Plz, if this has happened to anyone or if someone knows how to fix it plz reply. Thx in advance 😀😀

  8. Wolf of earth says:

    Zte squad?

  9. Brandon Close says:

    Disgusting mouth breathing dirt nugget.

  10. Melissa Ford says:

    The phone I seen is like this but with the finger print thing on the front

  11. emo4440 says:

    i seen this on another youtube. copy catters. but ur a nigger. so fck off