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16 Responses so far.

  1. Hassan McCollum says:

    well it's nothing with metro PC's phone it shares T-Mobile service so I don't care if anyone talks about my phone service at least my phone is active and it's affordable but this is useful for some idk why I'm on here lol

  2. MARK ROBINSON says:

    but why change it……I guess some people feel that metro pcs is for poor people …..whoo cares. .I love metro pcs …

  3. Sami Katt says:

    If you unlock the phone and put in a foreign Sim card the notification will be replaced with the new carrier name anyway.


    Great video thanks

  5. Me Me says:

    How would one turn off the blue led indicator light Flashing on the front of the phone?

  6. Gangsta Loaded Eret lool yůr face says:

    Hahahah developer options has a bunch of goodies click it and ul find more optons hopefully thw zte has lol

  7. Mike Fougere says:

    A notification overlay…….not what I was looking for. Especially a cheesy looking one.

  8. Daniel Martinez says:

    How to Change the keyboard color

  9. Steven Aguilar says:

    I have a "?" On top now. How do I get rid of that

  10. :] joe says:

    life savor did this for my iphone(hated the at&t sign) now its iphone 7plus💛

  11. Jonathan Davis says:

    All these muthafuckas talking shit because some of us don't want that MetroPCS logo blocking out half of the notification bar I guarantee if your ass bought a brand new Lamborghini, you wouldn't want Loonie Lonnie's Lambo's dealership sticker stuck on the back of it!!

  12. Lucy Greenwald says:

    How do I get rid of the boot animation for metro pcs?

  13. Shy Girl says:

    It works. It's nice. And other features are nice too. (It's 10 now. So not 9 anymore in case u can't figure it out)

  14. Hannah Abdullah says:

    Shalom it didn't work do you have to tap the default button first or after you do what you are saying?

  15. Terra Dactyl says:

    NVM, figured out what I didn't do. Didn't turn on Notify prior to name change.

    I suggest you include this info for some of us next time

  16. Terra Dactyl says:

    It didn't work for me and I didn't see the version you downloaded either. I only saw 10 and 11. Also looked at comments and chose best one available (10)
    Can you tell me what I did wrong? I copied everything you did aside from downloading same version which wasn't available