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How To Change Your enV Touch’s Theme

Posted on July/3/2011 | Categories: Videos 19 Comments

Download USB Drivers: lg-usb-modem-driver.software.informer.com Download BitPim: www.bitpim.org Click Here To Download Themes: www.mediafire.com If you do not see Filesystem go to View then Filesystem.

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19 Responses so far.

  1. findalive says:

    please tell me what is the name of the song

  2. JAEFAHtv says:

    whats the song? 🙂

  3. shekydabooky says:

    @Lax14IsCool what new drivers. it doesnt detect my lg env touch when i plug it in and open bitpim

  4. HitmanRevolution says:

    do u delete the file alredi on there

  5. Hardcoredrummer1996 says:


  6. zbje says:

    does this software and stuff work on mac’s????

  7. MrMrPaparazzi says:

    lg usb reader not found, you gonna fix this?

  8. RtardedProductions says:

    miss may i 🙂 <3

  9. xArkania says:

    @USMCin2years Go to Tools & Settings and then go to settings then go down to USB Auto Detection then change it to Modem.

  10. USMCin2years says:

    it won’t detect the phone, I’ve tried so many different things and it just won’t. I also don’t know how to set it to modem or whatever..how do you set to modem? does it have to be plugged into the modem or what?

  11. XxGenociidalxX says:

    It would be much better with a better song. Rock would be nice not death metal.

  12. xolo1234 says:

    I downloaded bitpim and it works
    How do you download the lg driver because thats the part i dont get, i mean ill click on the link for it and download that and it just wont work for me.

  13. mountainboarder101 says:

    Hey I downloaded the new versions of both, set it to modem, but when I plug my phone in BitPim can’t detect it. What do I do?

  14. ConConTHPS says:

    @RHCPfan652 after you download the drivers go to your env touch and open settings. After that go to USB Auto Detection and select modem mode. After that plug your phone into your computer and do what he does in the video.

  15. sa1vator says:


  16. sa1vator says:

    hey man this wonk work can u help me!!

  17. VDZRIDER says:

    why must it be the vx1000 why i cant i choose the vx1100 setting?

  18. RHCPfan652 says:

    its not detecting my phone HELP!!

  19. bubbles7436 says:

    @patelame have u goten urs fixed cuz i got the same problem